The Fastest Way to Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world: over 500 million people use it every day. It is also the second most used language in the field of international communication in Europe and the United States. More than 1 million people learn Spanish in the Duolingo app every day.

The rising popularity of education in Spain and Mexico has also contributed to the spread of the Spanish language in the world. With all that in mind, people want to find the fastest way to learn Spanish and seize all the opportunities it can bring.

The Fastest Way to Learn Spanish

In this article, you can find the fastest way to learn Spanish by following just 5 simple steps: find your motivation, hire a tutor, speak more, immerse yourself, and enjoy. Let us look at them in more details.

1.   Motivation

The first and the most important step of the fastest way to learn Spanish is to find your motivation and set the goals. If you want to enter the university in Spain, you need to check its official website and find the criteria for language skills. When you have a specific goal you have to reach, it is easier to learn any language.

Motivation comes with actions, so make learning this language your regular habit. Create a plan of learning and follow it all the way because it is the key to the fastest way of becoming fluent.

2.   Private Tutoring

If you have a specific goal in learning this language, the fastest way to achieve it would be to find a private tutor and have classes with him or her. Face-to-face classes provide you with a tailored program, focus on your weaker spots, and support more intense learning.

The fastest way is to look for a tutor in your town or city, so you can meet in person. However, if you feel good about remote education, you can also search the Internet and have lessons via Skype or Zoom. If you start learning Spanish from scratch, your first tutor should know your native language, so you can understand each other.

3.   Speak More

Look for Spanish speaking clubs in your town or city and practice this language in a real conversation. Of course, the best way would be to have the same level of language with your mates for speaking activities because it will be difficult to understand the B2 conversation for people with A2. On the other hand, you will have a good role model in your interlocutor with a higher level.

There is also a great application for your smartphone that can help you become fluent. It is called Ablo and you can download it in App Store or Google Play. Ablo allows you to communicate with people from all around the world and practice Spanish. Since using a language is the fastest way to learn it, Ablo can be a real help in the process.

4.   Immerse in Spanish

It is crucial to practice the language you learn every day. There are different fastest ways to do it, but if you plunge into the Spanish environment, it will be fun and you will not feel the burden of learning. The fastest way to learn Spanish is to watch films, listen to music and podcasts, read books, and use language applications.

Here is the list of the best picks for you!

Best Films

  1. Los Muertos, 2004. Director: Lisandro Alonso
  2. Virus Tropical, 2017. Director: Santiago Caicedo
  3. Magical Girl, 2014. Director: Carlos Vermut
  4. Cocote, 2018. Director: Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
  5. Japon, 2003. Director: Carlos Reygadas

Popular Books

  1. Cien años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude), by Gabriel García Marquez
  2. Las travesuras de la niña mala (The Bad Girl), by Mario Vargas Llosa
  3. Sangre en el ojo (Seeing Red), by Lina Meruane
  4. El viajero del siglo (Traveler of the Century), by Andrés Neuman and Lorenza García
  5. Formas de volver a casa (Ways of Going Home), by Alejandro Zambra

Famous Music Artists

  1. Enrique Iglesias
  2. Shakira
  3. Daddy Yankee
  4. Luis Fonsi
  5. J Balvin

These singers are the most popular and most of their music is in Spanish. It is one of the fastest ways to learn the language: follow the lyrics and sing with your favorite artists.

Useful Apps

These applications focus on improving different skills in the fastest manner, so the best way for you is to try out all of them and choose for yourself.

  1. Mondly
  2. Beelinguapp
  3. Duolingo
  4. Bluebird
  5. Hello Talk

Interesting Podcasts

If you are a busy person and you don’t have time to watch movies, the fastest way to improve language skills for you is to listen to podcasts on your way to school or work. The best services to find podcasts are Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud. You should try out these podcasts that are available in all services we mentioned.

  • In The Thick

You can find various topics on this podcast channel: race, identity, politics, terrorism, but also therapy, and mental health.

  • Latina to Latina

This podcast consists of interviews with people from different social spheres, like politicians, doctors, social workers, etc.

  • Radio Ambulante

This one is the fastest way to improve general vocabulary because the host tells the stories that happened across Latin America.

  • Latinx Therapy

The host tells about self-help techniques and mental health, so you can kill two birds with one stone: practice Spanish and fight mental disorders.

  • Latino

It is a podcast about music, art, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Getting immersed in the culture is a good way to learn the language faster.

5.   Enjoy

The last step of the fastest way to learn Spanish is to enjoy the process. Even if you need to learn Spanish, you should choose the activities and topics that you like. Don’t force yourself on learning because it will kill the satisfaction and hence, motivation.

If your plan of the fastest learning will be tailored to your interests and needs, you will be happy to learn and follow your way. Try different things and ways to improve your skills in Spanish because diversity and practice bring better results.

These were the five steps of the fastest way to become fluent in Spanish. Adapt them to your needs and start to learn. Happy learning!

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