How Fast Can I Learn a New Language?

We rarely do something without a reason and learning a language is not an exception. Usually, the reason is connected to new opportunities we see, and they are not there to stay. It means we need to acquire new skills fast, but how long does it take to learn a new language?

Well, the time frame for becoming fluent depends on the way of studying you choose. In this article, we describe different methods of how you can become fluent in a new tongue. You will receive the answer to the question “How long does it take to learn a language?” after reading this text.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language?

There are three most common ways of becoming fluent in a new language: learn alone, have a private tutor, and join a group course. Each of them focuses on different skills and develops some aspects faster than the others do. Let us look at them in more detail.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language Alone?

This method of learning is the slowest. It takes around 1 year to reach the B1 level, and then half of the year more to receive a B2 result. There are many reasons for this delay.

Firstly, there is no one who can motivate you and push you on. It means that you can postpone the studying time, skip the deadlines, and fail to deliver the tasks you have made for yourself.

Secondly, no one can check your progress, so you can find yourself stuck on a topic that is easy for you, but skip a difficult rule you don’t understand.

Thirdly, you have to dive into the language by yourself, and you have no one who is able to explain the challenging topics.

Influence the Situation

The good news is that you can influence this situation. The Internet helps here a lot because you can find various explaining videos on YouTube and look at the problem from a different angle.

If you are struggling with an issue, search the Internet for extra info about that. It is crucial not to cling to just one source of information: the more data you have, the better it is for your language learning process.

Use Applications

Your smartphone is also a great tool in the process of studying a new tongue. You can download a couple of applications and learn in play.

  1. Duolingo

It is probably the most popular language learning app in the world. There are more than 150 tongues you can choose from and the lessons are built in the way of real situations you can face.

  1. Mondly

This application gives you examples of dialogues and a list of vocabulary on different topics.

  1. Bluebird

In this app, you can learn new vocabulary with the help of pictures. One of the best features here is listening practice: there are podcasts built in the interface.

Watch Movies and Read Books

If you want to become fluent fast, you need to plunge yourself into real situations. Movies, series, and books are the best for this purpose. Of course, the script is not spontaneous, but it is always created by native speakers, and the vocabulary you hear and read is authentic.

Try to watch all the movies you planned to watch in the language you want to learn, and you will see the result very soon. Start with subtitles and then turn them off with time. As for books, there are electronic books for different levels of skills, but we suggest that you read original texts because tailored ones are not authentic.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language with a Tutor?

The second way to learn a new tongue is to hire a private tutor. You will have face-to-face classes with a teacher. It resembles the way of learning alone but there are significant differences. Firstly, your tutor will explain everything you do not understand. He or she will guide you in the right direction and suggest better ways to learn.

Secondly, a tutor will push you up with your tasks, so you will not fail to deliver. Discipline is the key to success, and having a private tutor can give you the reason to be disciplined.

How Much Time Do I Need?

How long does it take to learn a new language with a private teacher? Tutors are great if you need to learn a language really fast. If you pay good enough and can choose a true expert, your teacher can tailor the program to your needs, focusing on your soft spots.

You can say that you need to be fluent in just a month, and a good tutor will create an intensive program for you to get the best out of this time. It is really the best way to learn a language fast.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language in a Group Course?

This method is the best way to become better at speaking. If you know the basics, you can join a group course, and become fluent in two or three months. However, for those who don’t know anything, this might not be a good idea to join a group course.

How long does it take to learn a new language from scratch on group courses? Usually, it takes more than a year. The most challenging part is to understand the basics, but it is quite difficult to achieve when you are not alone. Your group will not wait if you miss something, so will have to work by yourself as well, which is just the analogy for studying alone. Your weak points are your personal problems to deal with. However, group classes is a good option for the development of communication skills.

As you see, the fastest way to learn a new language from scratch is to hire a private tutor. However, if you need to improve your speaking, group class is also a good great idea. For those who want to learn a language as a hobby, learning alone is the best method. You need to think about your reasons to learn a language and then choose a method.

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