Learning a New Language Through Videos

When you start to learn a new language, you are probably wondering about the time you will have to spend before you reach fluency. How long does it take to learn a new language? It depends on many factors.

Firstly, your success depends on you and the diligence you learn with: the more you skip classes, the slower you progress. Secondly, you will learn a new language if you practice using it, and not just study the rules. Thirdly, it depends on the methods you choose to learn a tongue.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language?

In this article, we will talk about methods you can use to learn a new tongue, and one of them will be reviewed in detail. Let us start with a brief description of the ways you can choose to learn.

1.   Learn with a Tutor

It is one of the most widespread methods to learn a new language. How long does it take to learn a new language with a tutor? In general, you need to learn for 1 year to reach B1 level of a tongue, and 2 years to have B2. It is true for those who have one lesson per week, but if you see a tutor less often, the process of learning will take longer.

2.   Take a Group Course

There are a lot of language schools in every city and almost every town, so your choice is wide. This method is great for those whose aim is to improve speaking skills because group classes are not great for learning grammar.

3.   Take an Online Course

In the midst of a global pandemic, online courses became very popular. An online course is usually a theoretical course that gives material and exercises to practice it. The online platform you use for learning a new tongue, for example, Coursera, provides you with an automatic check of exercises.

However, this way is not as good for learning as it may seem. How long does it take to learn a new language through an online course? You will need to learn more than a year to become fluent. Besides, your knowledge will be restricted by the frames of the course.

4.   Learn Alone with Different Resources

This method is one of the best for learning a new tongue. You can choose the material you like and the topics you need, and you can control your own pace of learning. You can download applications, watch films, read books, etc., and improve your speaking and understanding skills while having fun.

One of the components of this method is video watching. That’s exactly the aspect of learning a new tongue we want to talk about in this article!

How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language Through Videos?

If you use videos in the process of learning a new language, the time you spend on studying will be much shorter than without videos. Firstly, videos help you become better at understanding the sounds of vocabulary. Secondly, you can see and hear at the same time, and in real communication, we can see and hear at the same time the same way, so you get used to real situations. Thirdly, it is fun to learn a new tongue through videos!

Tips on Learning a New Language Through Videos

However, if you just watch videos, your level of knowledge will not improve fast. To speed the process up, you need to follow some tips we give you here!

1.    Write Down the Vocabulary

Once you hear an unknown word, make sure you write it down. If it doesn’t prevent you from understanding the meaning of the sentence, you don’t need to check the word right away: you can do it after watching the whole video. Besides, there is no need to write down all unknown words because many of them may be occasional words, and you will not actually need to use them.

Note down the words and phrases you hear more than three times. Don’t translate them into your native language: it will be more useful to look for the meaning and example of usage.

2.    Write Comments

You learn a language only when we use it, so you need to apply everything you have learned from the video in order to keep it in your memory. If you are watching videos on YouTube, write comments, and discuss the topic of the video with others.

Websites with films also offer you the opportunity to comment, so do not miss it. You can start by writing just one small sentence and you will get better at writing with time.

3.    Discuss with Friends

You need to find a friend, who is learning the same new language as you do, and discuss the videos you have watched with him or her. If you don’t have such a friend, you can join a forum and start a conversation there.

The most important trick here is to communicate in a foreign language; because you may be tempted to use your native language in case you don’t know a word in a new one.

4.    Watch Different Videos

Of course, if you watch all seasons of Friends, your level of English will improve. However, it will be better to diversify the series with other videos. All people have different pronunciation, and it is true not only for English. Follow at least five YouTube channels to be able to listen to different pronunciation styles, watch different films and series, and your understanding of a new language will improve faster.

5.    Follow the Plan

If you decide to learn a language through videos, you will need a plan. Here is the best example of fitting videos into your time management.

  • Watch one short video (up to 10 minutes) every day.
  • Watch one long video (up to 30 minutes) twice a week.
  • Watch one episode of a TV series once a week.
  • Watch one movie once a week.

This way you will have the minimum practice every day and full practice four days a week.

So, this is how you learn a new language through videos. How long does it take? You will be able to understand 90% of everything you hear in a couple of months and in half of the year you will have a B1 level of a new language, but you need to follow the tips!

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