Learning French and Spanish at the Same Time

It is great to study two languages at the same time, especially if the languages are similar. This is the case of French and Spanish, and if you are learning these two languages, you have made a great choice.

Not all people can be learning two languages at once, but in the case of French and English, your chances of success grow significantly. In this article, we tell you about the best tips on learning French and Spanish at the same time and provide you with examples of the best resources for learning.

Similarities Between Spanish and French

Let us see why these two languages are so alike. It is due to historical circumstances. Both languages are derived from Latin, so almost 60% of the vocabulary is either the same or very similar in sound. For example, “a book” will be “le livre” in French and “el libro” in Spanish.

Besides, grammar structures are also equivalent. For example, English verbs don’t undergo declension by person, and French and Spanish verbs have different forms for every person.

Tips on Learning French and Spanish at the Same Time

We have compiled a list of various tips that will be useful for everyone who is planning on learning French and Spanish at the same time: finding a tutor, installing an app, watching films and YouTube vlogs, reading books and blogs. Let us look at them in details.

Find a Private Tutor

To put it better, two private tutors will be perfect. Firstly, a private teacher will help you to understand the structures of the languages. You will get to the bottom of the language faster, and a tutor will help you to tackle the issues you cannot deal with alone.

Here are the best websites to look for private tutors for learning French and Spanish.

1.    Italki

It is one of the best websites that provide its visitors with a list of tutors of various languages. You can find a teacher for both online and offline classes.

2.    Preply

This website offers you the opportunity to hire native speakers as tutors. It will make your learning even faster.

3.    Lingoci

If you cannot choose a tutor by yourself, this website provides users with managers who will help to make the choice.

Install an Application

There are many phone apps that will be useful in the process of your learning. For learning French and Spanish at the same time, you can indicate one of the languages as your native, so you will work with both of them at the same time.

Here are the best apps for learning.

1.    Ablo

You can text people from all around the world and practice the use of languages.

2.    Bluebird

This app is best for vocabulary learning.

3.    Duolingo

With Duolingo you can learn short phrases that native speakers use. Besides, you can choose the mode “French – Spanish”, and you will be learning these two languages by comparing them.

4.    Mondly

Read and listen to the dialogues recorded by native speakers.

5.    Hello Talk

Learn the phrases and use them in dialogues with artificial intelligence in this app.

Watch Films

Once your level of these languages in the process of learning is high enough, you can watch films. It is a good idea for your learning to watch French films in Spanish dubbing with subtitles in one of the languages, and vice versa.

Best French Films

  1. Amélie, 2001. Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
  2. Pupille, 2018. Director: Jeanne Henry.
  3. Carlos, 2010. Director: Olivier Assayas.
  4. Une nouvelle amie, 2014. Director: François Ozon.
  5. Intouchables, 2011. Directors: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache.

Best Spanish Films

  1. Cocote, 2018. Director: Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias.
  2. Dias de Santiago, 2004. Director : Josue Mendes.
  3. Magical Girl, 2014. Director: Carlos Vermut.
  4. Bolivia, 2001. Directors: Israel Adrián Caetano, Adrián Caetano.
  5. Los Muertos, 2004. Director: Lisandro Alonso

Read Books

It is very important to be able to read books because it is more interesting than reading scientific research papers, and it is one of the best ways for learning the tongues. Read books in both languages alternately, so you can study these tongues at the same time.

Best French Books

  1. Zazie dans le métro (Zazie In The Subway) by Raymond Queneau.
  2. L’amour dure trois ans (Love Lasts Three Years) by Frédéric Beigbeder.
  3. L’instant présent (The Present Moment) by Guillaume Musso.
  4. Elle & lui (Her & him) by Marc Levy.
  5. La mémoire des embruns (The Lightkeeper’s Wife) by Karen Viggers.

Best Spanish Books

  1. Cien años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude) by Gabriel García Marquez.
  2. El viajero del siglo (Traveler of the Century) by Andrés Neuman and Lorenza García.
  3. Corazón tan blanco (A Heart So White) by Javier Marías.
  4. Sangre en el ojo (Seeing Red) by Lina Meruane.
  5. El obsceno pájaro de la noche (The Obscene Bird of Night) by José Donoso.

Follow YouTube Channels

We cannot live without YouTube now, so you can use it as a source for learning Spanish and French.

French YouTube Channels

  1. Natoo (Comedy).
  2. EnjoyPhoenix (Fashion, Lifestyle).
  3. Le Rire Jaune (Comedy, Prank).
  4. Français Authentique (the French language tips).
  5. PL Cloutier (Lifestyle).

Spanish Youtube Channels

  1. Daniela Bos (Lifestyle).
  2. Werevertumorro (Comedy, Cartoon).
  3. HolaSoyGerman (Comedy, Lifestyle).
  4. YosStop (Lifestyle, Feminism).
  5. Yuya (Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty).

Read Blogs

To crown the whole, you can also read blog posts in both languages, so that the learning process becomes faster.

French Blogs

  1. La Blogotheque (Music).
  2. Tertulia SC (Football).
  3. Marcel Ramirez (Funny stories).
  4. Et Voila Le Travail (Business).
  5. Complexe et Rock and Roll (Literature).

Spanish Blogs

  1. PeppyBurro (the Spanish language).
  2. My Spanish Adventure (Travelling).
  3. Vivir al Máximo (Lifestyle, Travelling).
  4. Fashion Blog México (Fashion, Beauty).
  5. Inteligencia Viajera (Philosophy).

If you are planning to learn these two languages at once, just follow these tips, and you will learn Spanish and French fast and effectively!

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