Business is tough.  Finding a job is even tougher.  Decision makers can afford to be selective.  And they will only select the best. 

The key to success lies in making yourself stand out from the crowd.  A tiny grammatical slip in your latest business proposal could cost you your next sale; a small typing error on your CV could mean your application goes only as far as the office bin.  Inconsistencies, poor grammar and spelling mistakes will damage your credibility and professional or personal image.  Your audience will quickly losing interest in the message you are hoping to put across.

How ez-translation can help you:

ez-translation provides an accurate, unbiased and professional solution to proofreading, correcting mistakes that even the best computer spelling/grammar checker can’t find.

We will:

  • check your spelling, grammar and punctuation to ensure that your intended message is clear to the reader
  • preserve your original style of writing
  • ensure your document is well organised and that the finer details – page numbering, indentation, footnotes and references – are accurate.

A document is never complete until this final stage of the writing process has been carried out.  Whatever your requirements, contact ez-translation today to learn more about our excellent proofreading service.

 Q. Why do I need a proofreading service?  My PC can correct spelling and grammatical errors for me.

  • Your computer checks for correct spelling and grammar but it won’t check the context of a word:

“The forecast is terrible. It is going to reign all day long”

  • Although a word may be correctly spelt, it may not be the word you intended to use.

Consider:  “their” or “there”? “its” or it’s”? “your” or you’re”?

  A. Quite simply, a human proofreader fills in the blanks.

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