Why ez-translation

“I need my project completing on time and within budget”

“I want something bespoke, tailored to my needs”

“I want quality assurance”

Seven reasons to make ez-translation your number one:

  • Competitive rates:  A larger company will often include overheads in their quote, meaning you pay more money for a less personal service. We will only charge you for the service you receive.
  • Quality:  You will work with a highly qualified linguist.  Sound cultural knowledge in addition to first rate language skills means that your translation is not only linguistically accurate, but will also reflect cultural nuances essential to the readability of any text.  ez-translation provides you with a translation that doesn’t sound like a translation.
  • Efficiency:  projects are carefully managed from start to finish ensuring a fast and reliable service every time.
  • Bespoke:  ez-translation offers a personal touch.  Each of our clients is unique and we ensure that our work reflects that by tailoring our service to your exact requirements.  We want you to feel that you’re working with a trusted colleague rather than an external company.
  • Consistency:  You will work with the same individual for every project.  This helps us to build a better understanding of your needs and ensures consistency in approach.
  • Confidentiality:  ez-translation understands that your information is private and we will sign confidentiality agreements for every project we undertake.
  • No job is too small:  At ez-translation we welcome all projects.
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